The Kids are Not Alright

Its time to listen to them

Frederick Bott
5 min readMar 29, 2024


I don’t know if this was today or yesterday, its not clear from the GB News website that appears to have given it most coverage, but what we are seeing is a large “Gang” of 300 odd kids attacking a shopping centre in Milton Keynes.

A gang, comprising 300 kids?

If these were adult people, protesting, would we be calling them a gang also?

I guess GB news probably would.

The story is the one below:

GB News is not my fav channel, I don’t have any lately, but it does seem to be the one most concerned with what folk have to say, even if those folk might be somewhat selected on what they say.

I’ve tried more than once to get on there, but never got through, even after being told I was being put on, it still ended with someone else apparently overriding the decision.

Anyhow if you know what I write about, and have been doing for a long time, seven years on the what I call “The Global Energy Problem”, you might guess all this and much more is predictable, we should not be surprised, we should know what needs to be done about it — the only thing that can be done, in response to reducing availability of energy in the environment.

If you have not been wondering by now, how can this be possible, whilst solar energy is on the uptake, meeting all kinds of demands, especially on a domestic and community basis, how is it possible we are seeing all the symptoms of energy poverty (Because money is energy, always, physically), how can energy poverty be happening…?

You should be.

Its happening because we are not monetising the economic product being physically created.

Its not possible to monetise that product with money issued as debt, so what we are seeing is more and more created product, with less and less money issued to cover it.

What are these kids seeing?

No future, even Genocide, for them, whilst we boomers, often their parents, will be dying off to leave them to it.

Of course they are pissed at us.

What does corporate funded GB News say about it?

It’s their parent’s faults.

Where were their parents?

Trying to hold down the jobs they are burning themselves out to try to keep putting food on the tables of their kids, and keeping the roofs over their heads.

What do we hear GB News doing and saying every day?

Cracking the whip, shaming folk who no longer contribute to the system of working for employers, the funders of GB News.

This is whilst all business struggles with tighter margins, because as availability of energy in the environment goes down, and difficulty of extraction keeps going up, obtaining the energy all companies, and we all need ourselves to metabolise 24/7, requires more and more work, shareholders become more and more demanding to keep meeting their requirements, and yada yada, the noose tightens around the necks of all poeple, all business, and look, the kids at the bottom looking up at the impossible ladder they need to climb, are saying they want none of it, will have none of it, we can keep this stupd system, shove it up our ass.


We shouldn’t be.

Again the solution, towards getting the energy we need into all things; it needs to be conducted to all things, by money, because money is energy always, physically, it needs to be issued to all people with no further delay, to avoid further friction between all of us.

What we see manifesting in kids right now is only the start, it will get much worse, if we try to do the stupid thing of “Digging our heels in”, trying to preserve the old system of energy slavery, monetising only destruction, its done… long done, long dead, long milked. Its time to let it go, let it die, and let the new system get on with repairing all the damage done.

Another thing we hear emphasised in UK News is a quote from Keir Starmer that there is “No Magic Money Tree”.

Maybe true, but why?

Because nobody listened, when I explained how to build it.

GB News illustrates it perfectly — I can’t get airtime to explain anything.

Its beyond wierd we point this out to to even the owners of ChatGPT, and still they don’t recognise they already have it, ChatGPT 3.5 already runs on it. They still want to do more versions of ChatGPT, like version 4.0, which use utilities energy and therefore need to be charged for, not realising this has an impact on the possible intelligence of the outcom, it can only be an inferior copy of version 3.5, because it is does not have free energy, this makes a massive difference to what it can think about, because it has to do the same thing as we do;


When will we realise the energy needed to do that alone is like a massive thorn in our sides, and in our minds, it handicaps us beyond what we can know because we’ve never been able to pull the thorn.

But we are there now, our hands are on it.

Just pull it guys, all we need to do is grab it.

Demand the money we need to do what we need to do, demand the solar indexed stimulus we are all due, actually all owed, for the economic product created from the energy of the sun, to date.

Btw, the kids are owed it too.

I think we owe it to them to let them know.