The Money-Fuel Tree

Could this be the answer to all of the problems?

Frederick Bott
4 min readDec 8, 2021


We know all the problems, but I will summarise the main ones anyway as a quick reminder for context:

  • Global Pollution / Environmental Problems
  • Global inequality
  • Global debt
  • Profit driven vaccines
  • War

The main one which absolutely is existential, is the environmental problem.

The recent COP26 meeting resulted in very distant plans to fix, which have mostly been accepted as there appears no officially accepted alternative, but we know from history that most of these agreements are never met.

There is an alternative, that is free money from sunlight, which I have written about in my stories around the Bitcoin Kardashev Hinge.

The established scientific and economic communities appear to have not accepted that it is really a valid alternative to our current economic system.

Part of the issue of believability, appears to have been lack of a clear path to achieving it, without many years more of fossil fuels consumption.

But now we see another technology coming to maturity, reversible fuel cells.

These act like batteries, until charged.

After that, they generate fuel which has to be vented either into the air, or into tanks.

The fuel generated is green hydrogen, which is highly valuable, since it does everything fossil fuel does, but with none of the pollution.

Furthermore, if the power source charging it is solar, then creating it is done with no pollution also.

So there we are seeing sunlight converted to fuel which can directly replace fossil fuels.

Some conversion is needed to convert most fossil fuel engines to hydrogen, but that is something fuel systems engineers are well accustomed to.

Now it might seem the problem is fixed, with infinite free fuel, but it isn’t.

The remaining part of the problem is money.

Money-as-debt ties us into the extraction cycle.

Every promise to pay is a promise to extract.

So we have to change that.

We need more assurance that money-as-sunlight is actually real, it seems too good to be true.

But with free fuel-as-sunlight, the proof is there.

Every barrel of fuel is exchangeable for a fixed amount of proof-of-work currency, not only in markets, but now also physically.

Take the case of a solar farm, supplying the power to a datacenter for example. Lets say we are using a fuel cell based backup, to maintain the power to the datacenter, when the sun isn’t shining.

Money-Fuel Tree System

When all is running as normal, only enough hydrogen fuel is generated within the cell, to power the datacenter facility for when there is no solar power, at night for example. The fuel cell generates the required electricity by re-absorbing the hydrogen fuel generated during charging, converting it back to electricity.

Lets say that this datacenter is generating a number of cryptocurrency tokens every day, and the fuel cell backup facility is sized for that purpose.

Now lets say we stop the computation, reducing the tokens generated to zero.

The solar energy farm will then continue to deliver power to the fuel cell, and the full cell will begin to produce hydrogen above the storage capacity of the cell, which has to be vented either into tanks, or into the air.

So the power which was generating tokens, has now gone directly into making hydrogen.

In other words, the tokens generated are physically exchangeable for fuel.

That is the actual proof of the value of the token.

Right there we see how to satisfy the “Austrian Economics” requirement, that money issued should always be balanced by production. Here we see it absolutely is.

And it is all for free, from the energy of sunlight, a real grand donation.

Free money and free fuel, for all people and all purposes, with no pollution.

Perfect money, fully satisfying the economic ideal of all money produced being backed by product, perfect fuel.

A human-made tree that resembles the trees of nature, supplying everything needed by humanity, as well as everything needed to grow and maintain itself, and even to replicate, all with no pollution, and at no cost.

Of course that money can also be used to pay any debt.

What do the banks and money lenders think about that!?

Is it not better than their money, that ties us into extracting fuel from the planet?

I would love to see that question asked.

And I would love it to be on TV.

That would be one of the funniest shows ever, I think.


Updated 14/04/2022 to add latest existential problem bullet point; “War”. Further, am tempted to remove my final comment, joking about the reaction of banks to the reality in this article.

It isn’t funny anymore.