Your observations of what his popularity depended on seem pretty well on the nail on the head, thanks for posting.

I am guessing you’ll know well enough how much the economy has to do with the inequality we see, of all kinds.

But there might be change coming, big change, the end of politics even, infinitely better.

We can see that the economy based on trying to maintain a constant relationship between the value of a currency, and the value of assets such as gold, are becoming more and more difficult, as greater and greater sums of extra funds are needed to be injected to keep the reserve facilities “afloat”, literally trillions per month, lately.

It is happening to all currencies which no longer have a gold standard, not just the dollar.

Also, pretty much all countries have assets and shares in all others.

So if the dollar goes into free-fall, the same thing will happen to all other fiat currencies.

Falling together, they can still be traded against one another, so a relative market value still exists.

But now, the rate of currency injection becomes the figure of interest, and the total amount of capital in terms of an asset becomes irrelevant.

To analyse the wealth effects in such a dynamic system, we need to use techniques similar to electrical or hydraulic systems, which take into account the effects of the flow rate at all points in the system.

This is different from the classic capitalist system, which is characterised only in terms of stored assets (account balances).

Imagine building an electrical or hydraulic system, with pipes or wires connecting everything, and never switching on the flow of current or fluid.

We are about to see it switched on.

The implications of this are huge, the greedy buggers that thought up the great idea to line their pockets by detaching the value of currencies from gold standards probaly never saw this coming, but would be sensible to lie through their teeth now and say they always knew it.

Because the effect is to relinquish all power to the people.

And there is no way it can be avoided.

Free money, when the secret is fully out, means pretty much infinite wealth for all people.

The ultimate UBI.

We might be celebrating for years, literally.


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