“Your money or your capitalism”

The unavoidable question now posed by nature, to all capitalists

Er, where to start…

Energy is money is capital, right?

Yes but only in the case of the energy of Earth, which we have already run out of, if we accept that using more of it is killing us, right?

The energy of Earth is all fuel, whereas the energy that created it, solar, is not.

So the fuel is all forms of stored energy.

Now money is being created in the form of solar powered proof of work tokens.


It really does grow on trees.

We are seeing it being created on human created trees, along with the the incredibly valuable, free, human made fuel of clean Hydrogen.

Money-as-sunlight, and fuel-as-sunlight, each exchangeable for the other, which can’t be denied.

So it is a lie, that money doesn’t grow on trees, as evidenced by the markets, in which we are seeing it being exchanged for ever increasing amounts of money-as-debt.

So money is moving to represent the freely issued continuous energy of the sun.

We are seeing that manifest first as inflation.

Of course that looks bad to you, because it actually means the end of all capital, including even the capital value of Bitcoin, the king of proof-of-work tokens, itself trouncing Gold, the king of capital.

So there are less and less places for you claim you still have wealth, by owning capital.

Now you have to invest in the only thing left of value, the flowing energy of the sun, and that can’t be owned, not by anyone.

Refusing to see that, is like a baby refusing to be born.

Which do you choose to retain ownership of; your money, or your capitalism?