Your article appears to be motivated by a wish to increase your wealth, and the wealth of others, perhaps by encouraging new users to join the community of Bitcoin users, as well as encouraging existing users to HODL.

Thanks for posting.

I wonder what you would think of a suggestion that you should be offering to pay people, from your stock, to add themselves as new users to the community of bitcoin users?

There is significant research indicating that the value of any cryptocurrency is tied to the square of the number of folk using it.

If you accept this is true, then it follows that linear reductions of your stock, as you would experience if you gave away small percentages of your token stock so as to introduce newcomers to the network, should be more than compensated by the net square effect of additional value added to the token, caused by the additional new members in the network.

This would invalidate your assertion that the only number that matters is how many tokens you hold.

But if the research is correct, it would be worth it.


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