Young vs old, male vs female, left vs right, East vs West, black vs white, yada, yada, yada.

This story, just like any other that morbidly celebrates proud membership of one side or the other in any division, will no doubt be popular, but who really gains? Not you, the author (at least not as much as you might think), and not the readers.

Did you know that the young and the old actually work very well together? You would if you tried it. And you would feel rewarded in a way that money just can’t buy. Just like males and females, black and white, East and West, left and right; they actually all work very well… together.

Combined, their weaknesses and strengths complement one another in a way that is simply awesome.

As yet, that truth is not so popular, as it doesn’t generate angst. Where there is angst, there is money to be made. Not so much by those who consume and experience it, but more by those who generate and convey it. A bit like drugs and drug dealers really.

In general, the young know this, and they can see it, so they are not drawn so much into it. Have a look here and see how many chime in.

The old might learn some valuable lessons from that, if they can learn how to learn again.

There; a challenge.


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