You hit the nail on the head when you touched on the reasons why we want, in fact need, to be seen. We need it to be successful.

There is even competition to be seen, for the same reason. Compete, or be trod on. Everyone climbing on one another in a desperate attempt to get closer to “The top”; the zero-sum game.

The surveillance systems are there, but to get away from the zero-sum game, they now need to be re-purposed, from analysing our behaviour for profit by someone else, towards measuring our own valuable output, and monetising this such that we ourselves become the main beneficiaries of the product of our own data.

That might sound far fetched, but the technology is already with us in the form of open source software capable of encoding our data as our very own cryptocurrency, per person, which makes our data always traceable and visible. When that data, however small, even an evaluation, an approving nod or smile, is found to be associated with, or a contributing part of a humanity benefitting development, idea, art-piece, or other beneficial work of any kind, the value of that personal currency will increase accordingly, driven by nothing other than market forces, with the main beneficiary being the person uniquely enabled to continue generating it.


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