You haven’t mentioned the effect that free money has on this.

Like someone else mentioned in the responses, real desperation doesn’t take people to the markets.

But free money does.

Then, with no real intention to profit, people are just donating.

Free money players don’t care if they lose, because after all, the money was free.

They just play for fun, buying whatever takes their fancy, like shares in zombie companies, and crypto coins with a dog emblem.

Things they really dont like are neglected, so the prices plunge, such as oil, its price went negative for the first time in history, in the face of free money issue equivalent to 10k dollars per person in one month.

When this happens we see what things are actually liked, rather than what things are likely to make profit.

Trump is either loved or hated.

Your own inclination there is pretty obvious.

But would you bet against him if he was to market a Trump token around the time free money was issued?

You would probably see that as something bad, but is ordinary people expressing their true likes and dislikes something bad?

The economic climate is now such that profit can’t be maintained.

People will starve without free money.

But with enough of it they get to exercise real democracy.

And it can’t be held back now with the phenomenon of money-as-sunlight.

All cryptos based on proof-of-work are exactly that.

Solar is the only form of energy cheap enough to make them worth minting and selling.

Isn’t this telling you something?

That money is becoming free, and people are getting to exercise real democracy by trading free money in markets.

The only thing missing now are personal solar powered tokens for all people.

Then they get to support one another, and our planet will be a different place.

A much better place.


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