You have power over me now, but not for much longer.

How power will change – poetry

So I wrote a piece of huge significance, knowing what I know, referring to something a UK politician said about scarcity that day.

I know that subject is a hot potato, so expected some controversy.

But nothing.

Still nothing.

Meantime I am presented only with stories that are old now.

Not news anymore.

That tells me something.

It answers my question I asked a few days earlier.

Which side are you on, the side of scarcity, or the side of abundance?

For me, it is obvious, scarcity is the order of the day.

But I will never be fooled or gaslighted into believing that is necessary.

Neither will anyone else, not any longer.

That is the power of the internet, many paths, for many voices.

If it isn't heard it from me, it will be heard from others.

Millions of others.

Soon, power will change, from scarcity to abundance, as it has to.


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