Yobi that is a good question.

I am a Systems Engineer, with experience of all kinds of Systems.

An original intention to go into business in a VR related project led down a rabbit hole through PhD program research, revealing societal issues which prevent the development, so I find myself now designing a system which firstly has to solve the societal issues, with the capability of extending to the VR system which I originally set out to work on, six years ago.

It has led a winding road of research, but the good news is, unblocking these societal issues will lead to all manner of new technology, because in general the same societal issues are affecting an infinity of new technologies. Our technological progress has actually been slowing for the past thirty years or so, and is now actually going backwards, at least in the West. Most folk don’t realise it, because they don’t have any reference to compare it with, they don’t know what we could have had if it were not for our mode of doing business.

A clue is in Chinese technology, it is now way ahead, but even it is being hindered by our Western business model.

Lately, the question seems to be how to get us out of the hole we seem to have dug ourselves into as a species, driven by latent greed, an animal instinct which we really shouldn’t have as humans.

To be honest, my latest research leads to the conclusion this problem has developed in stages, over thousands of years, which will upset a lot of conventionally religious people, but there is no point dwelling on that, until maybe after we get back on track.

Sorry it wasn’t really a simple answer!

I hope you and family are well.


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