Yobi, thanks for your reply. With respect, your identity seems not immediately clear, whereas mine is. So I am fully personally responsible for the things I write in Medium.

Perhaps you did not know, that the tab “Corrections” is associated with “Corrective facilities”, a term which seems commonly used in US English.

I only found it as I was looking for another of my articles in Google, but this one topped the list under “Corrections”, alongside various stories of unfortunate individuals subject to correctional facilities in US.

I think “Corrections” has nothing to do with our dialog, since you clearly misinterpreted my piece, but then I didn’t add that tag, so we have to conclude that you did, to your reply, based on your misinterpretation of my article.

Sorry but that does look to me pretty much like some kind of game you are playing, especially as you did not counter my response to your comment, which presumably you tagged as “Correction”, to which I responded with clarification of what I am sure most now see is clearly a dishonesty of our educational systems around the world; the failure to educate us, and our kids, on how exactly “Money as debt” works.

I am not PhD, probably less qualified than you. But I have worked on PhD candidate research, and arguably still am, which may or may not be completed in the future. You should be able to see my stance on the validity of the current system if you know a little of my other articles and posts in Medium.

I hope if/as we have different opinions of things, we might somehow work them out, with compromise if necessary, at some point in the future.

Love and peace to you.


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