Yobi, thanks for your reply. I did have a look at the Kula Ring thing, fascinating stuff, but to me seems overly complex, to be something that might be applicable today.

Like many age old disciplines, politics, and finance each appear to have problems in their complexity, non-transparency, which has become apparent to most people, via the internet.

I believe things are naturally tending towards becoming much simpler, with everyone moving towards monetising their own data in a way.

Currently, we can see communities and entities with credible (accepted) money printing, or "shares" issuance capability, trading those things in markets.

Until recently, trading was pretty much exclusively done on the criteria of whichever currencies, assets, and commodities were most likely to result in profit to the investor.

That would sometimes coincide with the currencies, assets, and commodities which added most value to our planet and our species, but lately, since the addition of all kinds of securities and "assets" representing "debt", it most often does not.

But we are seeing a new phenomenon, with Robinhood, and money printed as economic stimulus, a whole new breed of "investor" entered the markets.

I believe these new investors are not interested in making profit, since they are investing with free money, their purchases of things simply represent the things they see as valuable to the world, like cruise ships, and hire cars, they do not want to see those things go away, so they put money towards them in the form of shares purchases with their free money, despite those companies being either immediately or soon to be bankrupt.

In other words, rather than "Investors", we might consider them as voters, expressing their wishes as to the world they want, with their free money.

If correct, (and I have 100% faith that it is, since it circumstantially confirms my own research to date), it is a truly valuable result, and the real reason I believe, that the dollar is maintaining its value in the world market, despite massive printing of new money.

Further, it throws into question the historical requirement for all companies to always require to return profit.

It seems not inconceivable that companies which were not viable by the old system of profit, but who's products and services are desired by humans, may have a new capability of operating, just on the value of their shares, purchased with free money.

Further, this may be a mechanism to fund all kinds of new, desirable non-profit endeavours offering real benefits to humanity and our world.

I believe we are entering down this road as a worldwide thing, at least "In the West", as there are no alternatives, given the current demise of many, many businesses going into, or facing immediate bankruptcy, with the result of large portions of formerly financially secure portions of society now facing poverty and homelessness.

There are many other arguments supporting this analysis that I've written about in Medium, including the applicability of Engineering methods to analyse the cash-flows with Electrical and Hydraulic analogies, and the fact that our sun, the sole empowerment source of our solar system operates in exactly the same way, it gives continuous energy for free to all of nature, which shares it to all, to bloom.

Free money appears to me to be the only answer, but far from lamenting the effects of it that we've seen in the past, within isolated (Ebargoed) communities, we should be celebrating its worldwide non-profit value generating effects for the future.

Indeed, the ideas of debt, profit, interest, and all other necessarily complex concepts associated with the economies of controlled scarcity, could become history.

I believe realisation and acceptance of this will quickly lead, in addition to the current set of communities, to all humans having their own personal money printing capabilities, which will automatically result in a new distribution of responsibilities for all things.

Trust, in that new, non-profit world, would be something which again could be something that is assumed, rather than something that needs to be earned, as it has increasingly become lately.

To be honest, since trust has become this thing that requires effort to maintain, it is ultimately unsustainable, as all effort is unsustainable, all things have to have recovery time at least for maintenance, so trust should be inherent in the system, rather than something that needs to be worked at.

Sorry if I have rambled a bit, it is currently a huge subject, but with what seems to me to be a very simple solution. Right now there seems so little of it we can communicate by words, but it will be so much simpler to explain in the future, after we've realised the simplicity of the solution, I believe.


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