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Xmas Thoughts

Update from thoughts of Xmas 2020

I have to admit, last Xmas I had no expectation that I would be here again on Xmas day 2021, with time and reason to write a subsequent Xmas update, but here we are.

Sure enough, a lot has happened, but not the things I expected.

But I am still hugely optimistic.

Things might not all look great. But I will explain why I still feel optimistic, from my point of view, in relation to the ones I can think of just now, regardless.

In no particular order:

  • Mandatory covid vaccines
  • Christian worshipers from around the globe prevented from celebrating the birth of Christ, in Bethlehem, his birthplace.
  • 2000+ Xmas break flights cancelled
  • Assange still in jail, awaiting extradition
  • Buildup of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
  • Cancel Culture
  • Buildup of divisive societal tensions in US, and all around the world.
  • COP26 distant empty promises
  • Financial Inflation
  • Bitcoin El Salvador adoption and volcanic power ambitions
  • The Money-Fuel Tree
  • Energyism vs Capitalism

What we are seeing are all manifestations of the same problem. We have reached the end of the stored energy of Earth (“Capital”), that we can use without further use of it exponentially raising hazard to all of life, in the forms of pollution, and climate change.

In short, Capitalism has come to its useful end.

The battery of Earth is depleted.

I see that as something physical, unarguable, from my years of researching it, using all of my thirty odd years experience of Multidisciplinary Systems Engineering.

So folks, we have to make the best of it. Whether we consider ourselves capitalist, socialist, right, left, black, white, east, west, male, female, other, we are all humans, right?

Looking for folk to blame is missing the point; that the next phase, the phase of humanity that has to come next, is potentially better than any we’ve seen before, it seems to me.

We can view where we are as a species, as being at birth.

Earth had the stored energies we needed to get to where we are now, just like a placenta, or egg-yolk.

Now that energy is exhausted, we have to look to our environment, namely the sun.

It is a waste of time and precious energy foraging around the planet for more sources of stored energy we might try to bleed. There is always a cost, in terms of pollution and other side effects, of using the stored energies of Earth.

Any source other than the sun, is stored energy.

Only the sun is off-planet.

Only the energy of the sun is active, quantified by Joules per second (Watts), instead of just Joules (Watt-hours).

Work done by the energy of the sun, is additive to Earth, whereas work done by use of the energy of Earth, is subtractive from Earth.

So when we convert the energy of the sun to barrels of hydrogen fuel, for example, those barrels are added to the existing stock of capital of Earth.

And by Austrian Economics, money issued should balance with produce. The barrels of fuel added from sunlight are produce, so money should be issued in response to that produce.

Since the produce is from free energy, the work is done for free, so the money should be issued for free, to those perceived as contributing no labour.

That, is the only possible outcome of the current inflationary developement we are seeing in money.

More and more has to be issued, to establish a balance between how much solar energy is being received, and how much money is issued.

Further, since money is capital, is stored energy, our financial / capital debt is actually a measure of how much stored energy we have removed from Earth, therefore our actual debt as a species, is an energy debt to our planet.

What we have taken out, has to be put back, to fix the global climate and pollution problems.

That means not only that we have to connect to the sun, but that we must connect the whole population, in order that the same power of humanity that did all of the work of subtraction, is available to do all of the work of addition.

To know how to make the connection, we only need to look at how trees work, they supply the energy of all of life, that we currently compete for, with all of life, from the energy of the sun.

Trees supply nutrients passed down from the point the leaves of the tree absorb the sunlight, down through the fibres of the tree, growing and maintaining the tree, even the leaves, and even creating seeds to replicate.

We can do that, with the technology we have.

Money serves the same purpose as the nutrients of trees

We can do it wherever trees grow, and in addition, where they can’t grow, in desert areas.

That covers most of humanity.

Beyond those areas, nearer the planetary ice-caps, we can supply all of those areas with hydrogen fuel, generated from solar, with no pollution, either in its creation, or in its consumption.

No longer driven by capital, or profit, we will do all of this and everything else needed to fix the damage done, powered by the energy of the sun, voluntarily, just for the reward of knowing we did that.

Sounds far fetched, I know, but the more I look at the Bitcoin Kardashev Hinge, the more clear it looks to me, we are on the cusp, of discarding capitalism.

The thing to watch is the inflation, watch what the banks do in response.

The banks have no choice but to keep ramping up issued money, because when folk find it no longer buys what we need, we will keep asking for more, as a united species and it will be our right to have it, we have to have it, for the reasons I’ve outlined here.

Nature is playing a game of chess with us, she now has us at one move to mate.

Our final move is from Capitalism, to Energyism

And that is incredibly good news, it seems to me.

Merry Xmas, here’s to seeing us being born as a species, in 2022.




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