Wow. Indeed what a woman. Great story, thanks for sharing.

But what she and Albert did would be in vain if we didn’t learn anything from it.

Protesting and demonstrating in the street does not work, otherwise we would not be where we are today.

Now there are some incredibly powerful new tools for the people, which are changing things forever.

Open source distributed ledger technologies in general, enforce a new kind of truth.

Observe how the profiteers get involved, often in fanfares of publicity, only to drop it quietly a few months later. After they’ve learned how it really works, they find they have no power to divide, to create or maintain inequality. The only financial rewards in it are for the individual members of it, working together in collaboration all around the world, united; monetising their community and their own value for their own benefit.

Its power is in the people who join it. It has no prejudices, and the more who get involved, the more powerful it becomes.

This is surely future democracy in action.


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