Wow, impressive how much Ms Martincheck seems to have triggered you into a frenzy of indignant self justification here Chris.

It is not difficult to put ourselves in her shoes and see the world through her eyes if we have any empathy at all.

I lived through all of those times too, and had hard times myself that required almost superhuman grit to get out of, including some ten years study as a mature student.

The point is, young folk now do not even have that chance.

Can you imagine the prospect of knowing you have your whole life ahead of you, but knowing you can never get out of lifelong debt, before you even sign up for it?

Maybe you would understand if you had one or more kids of her age, with also the knowledge that your own funds cannot fund them out of difficulty.

They / we are faced with nothing less than slavery, in a badly polluted world, as things stand.

Surely not progress dude.


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