Worthy analysis, thanks for posting. On the subject of trolling, what if we see instances of articles that look like deliberate acts of propaganda, designed to very subtly dehumanise an entire race / culture / religion, where a few points of truth on a negative aspect about what a few members of that culture might be guilty of historically are presented at great length, requiring readers to immerse themselves in those points for a significant time, neglecting all other considerations that should be applicable to understand that entire race / culture / religion?

In my estimation, this is very insidious, pre-meditated, evil behaviour that should be called out, pulling no punches, because if it is allowed to persist continually, it can lead to the very dire consequences of the dehumanisation of an entire race / culture / religion.

In my own feed in Medium, I am seeing this lately from apparently more than one source, targeting “muslims” / “arabs”

But, applying your analysis to my behaviour of calling this out where I see it, some might interpret my behaviour as trolling.

Where do we go when the very act of repeatedly calling out apparently Nazi behaviour becomes interpreted as “toxic”, or “trolling”?


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