Why write a story if it could cost folks lives?

Does that possibility not worry you even a little?

Choosing not to wear a mask yourself is one thing. But telling other folk it is OK to do the same, moves things into another league, morally.

Wearing even a scarve provides more barrier than nothing, serving at least to prevent us touching our own face with contaminated hands.

You are wrong with some of your pseudo scientific “facts” also, and even reasoning.

There is no such thing as a perfect mask though some will be better than others. The virus itself is almost infinitely capable of being transmitted in the air. It is 125nm in size, smaller even than the wavelength of visible light, it is easily cable of piggy-backing the air molecules we breath, through a mask or otherwise.

The best masks are tested using particles measured in microns, a thousand times larger than nanometres.

In short, if you can breathe, it can get to you.

But the more barriers you can put in its way, the better.

We all share a responsibility to do everything we can with that, even if we think we are invincible ourselves, to cut down the transmission vectors that could kill hundreds, if not thousands of others.

Do you have any elderly or otherwise vulnerable relatives, or other loved ones?

If the worst happens to them, even if you never personally visited them, how would you know the virus didn’t get to them through you, or even something you said?

Q&A: The novel coronavirus outbreak causing COVID-19 | BMC Medicine | Full Text


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