Why we don’t need a Reset of our Economy, we need a Reset of our Thinking

Making sense of current events — observation

We hear much talk of problems with the world economy, brought on mostly by the economic effects of covid, but which were long cooking.

Any of us in mid or low tier business could see that the walls were closing in long before covid.

It was getting harder and harder to maintain profit, and thus an income, whilst still having some regard for our fellow humans, and our environment suffering as a result of us continuing in those “Normal” affairs.

Now, covid has made that fact starkly apparent.

People still in the upper layers of business and politics still seem not to be able to see this, but common sense will come around, reality has to prevail.

The economists working on this problem seem to tend to look to history to see what was done in the past, that might be done again.

Debt jubilees are mentioned, which apparently provided relief in the past.

But in the past, we did not have the problem of looming environmental destruction, at our own hands. At least not as far as we know.

Debt jubilees, by themselves, as they stand, will not stop the destruction being done to our planet.

So we need a new solution, one not used previously.

The solution becomes apparent when we look at what actually gives our planet wealth in nature, sunlight, and compare that with what we have conventionally considered to be wealth.

Obviously those two things are completely different.

Human wealth has been considered in terms of scarcities.

Gold, Bitcoin, and other things of fixed or limited quantity.

When in fact, the wealth deposited on our planet, in the form of a massive quantity of photons, continually accumulates.

There we see a deficit, between the wealth we have taken out of the planet, and the wealth continually put in by the sun.

In that deficit, we see a clue, that it is fundamentally wrong to use fixed quantities of anything to represent wealth.

Putting it right for good, means we need to change our view, by rationalising the financial debt we see, and our ongoing currency, against the wealth deposited on the planet by the sun.

That is a reset of mindset, rather than a reset of debt.

Currency is simply a means of empowerment.

It is how we’ve become accustomed to distributing wealth.

Its failure so far, has been that distribution has happened to overwhelmingly favour those who already have some, neglecting those who have none.

We can liken this as a kind of primitive open water irrigation system, distributing water only via gravity flow through open trenches, to the fields that need it.

The fields closer to the water source get more than they need, and the fields furthest away don’t get any.

We fixed that problem by closing the trenches in the form of pipes, and pumping the water in at pressure, to ensure all of the fields are watered.

At the input to that system, we make sure it is sourced by the unlimited supply that is rain, from the sky.

A similar solution appears apparent in the economy.

The economic pipes needed are already in place, in the form of the internet, and digital money.

But still we limit the money flows through it, by restricting money to flow only when it can be balanced at some other point in the system, in the form of discrete transactions, of profit and debt, from one account to another.

That has the same apparent effect, as limiting the water in a gravity fed irrigation system.

The water saved is not worth the damage done, by starving the fields further out.

So, we need to open the taps of money flow, to allow pressure in the financial pipes to build up, pushing the money through to those who need it most, thus effectively distributing the wealth, to see the corresponding beneficial effects of all people flourishing.

To maintain the wealth at the system input, we need to top it up with the free energy of the sun.

That can be done by converting what we currently consider as person-to-person debt, to what it really is; a deficit between us and our planet.

Not as difficult as it might at first seem, since we already know in theory that energy is directly related to wealth, and information, and even matter.

It is a simple matter, to seek a free energy standard, as opposed to a gold standard.

Notice none of this involves any profit, it is all done in terms of free money.

That is the only way we can remove our load from the planet, once and for all, without actually removing ourselves, physically.

Now is the perfect time to put the solution in place, by the first step of turning on the free money, and leaving it on.

Now that everyone needs to be paid to stay at home to avoid further unnecessary spreading of Covid.


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