Why Trump and Farage are Wrong, on What to do about Homelessness, and What really needs to be done instead.

Research based opinion

Firstly we should credit Mr Trump with the only spike of environmental recovery ever seen.

It happened when $4Tn per month stimulus was issued, equivalent to more than $10K dollars per head per month for every person in the US, when we also saw the price of oil go negative, the only time we ever saw a negative price for anything. Before that we would have said that would be impossible.

Also economists screamed the dollar value itself would suffer, due to dilution of capital, but it didn’t, whilst the stimulus was actually being issued, it went up, and the prices of the king of capital, gold, languished.

We should realise now that is because in effect, this was the first time we ever saw “Kardashev Money”.

Mr Trump, who is usually not one to miss when he has done something remarkable, doesn’t mention this fact, that he presided over the only spike of recovery ever seen in the environment.

What not to do

Now Mr Trump talks of “Tent City”.

And Mr Farage supports him, as he indicates to us on his pet TV channel, “GB News”, priming us, as presumably he expects his buddy Mr Trump to get into power again.

Nigel seems pretty clued up, on who is likely to come and go from the seats of power, he accurately summed up Boris’ likely resignation, quite a few days before Boris actually resigned, so we should take him seriously, he knows.

Now another subject hot on GB news right now, as it is in pretty much every news media in UK, is the subject of the cost of living, and how everyone is unlikely to be managing it this winter.

But does Nigel really believe a UK Tent City is the answer, to a massive wave of homelessness we are likely to see this winter? I hope not.

Does it fix the homelessness problem, sweeping them off to tents further out in the sticks? Come on guys, this is just about getting them out of the way, so maybe they’ll just die off, quietly out of your sight.

I think Nigel would be much more likely to go with a real fix, something that actually fixes the problem, for good.

What they need to do

This is where the democrats might come in.

This is where we get to see who is more clever, and who is more greedy, the democrats, or the republicans.

See Trump already did the solution, he showed it to us. It was the stimulus, and we can see how it worked; it was Kardashev Money, infinitely sustainable, given we use some of it to further scale up the solar capacity as necessary to switch entirely to 100% solar, thus to maximise the value of the solar stipend for all.

But he isn’t boasting about it. Rather, he is talking about Tent City.

Maybe what he did was done through personal greed, and of course it nearly cost the establishment their ability to retain power, but it worked, to fix the problem, of people not having enough, and a whole stack of other things.

And he doesn’t talk about it. So I doubt very much he has it in mind to do it again.

I’ve described elsewhere more details of how permanent Kardashev Money is actually inevitable, and how it all fits together, driven by nature to give us an incredibly good result, effectively all countries with more financial strength than any seen in history, whilst fixing all of the problems we are seeing both in the environment, and socially, from folk no longer literally being forced into the modern equivalent of slavery, or starving.

I don’t mean just a little extra value, it is seriously more value that everyone generates when we are truly doing things that we choose to do of our own volition, not things we are forced to do for survival. Imagine an old electrical lightbulb, which barely registers a glow, each time a transaction is made, that is each one of us, pinching pennies at every turn, witholding the energy from one another. With something like effectively continuous non stop flow of energy between people, the light finally switches on. Every one of us, except the odd one with no money worries, is like a bulb which has never been switched on. Our entire economy is like a vast array of bulbs barely glowing, when it should be shining bright. This is a very physical fact that all engineers know about, value is created when energy moves, not when it sits still in someone’s account, and it nevcr stands still when it comes from the sun.

Capitalism has had its day, it is time to turn now to Energyism.

If the Dems wish to see this happen whilst they are in power, they better do it quick.

They should do everything they can to get the Kardashev Money taps turned on, before Mr Trump gets back into the driving seat.

They should do it tomorrow, to stop any further unneccessary suffering.

Well actually they should do it today.



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