Why Tik Tok Could be all Done.

Democracy could be Expressing Itself in Mysterious Ways

The king of Meme platforms, Tik Tok, came to the attention of US authorities.

That attention was claimed to be over security.

Of course we know the Chinese Government could routinely access Tik Tok’s data.

Just like we also know the US Government can routinely access all of the popular US platforms data.

But we made it popular anyway.

Most folk know the real motivation of the US government to act is actually fear.

They are concerned that the power of Memes, a language spoken and understood mostly by Gen Z, would be used by that critical mass, to move in a direction contrary to US colonial interests.

Firstly, it was muted to ban the platform.

Now it is muted to buy it.

Buy it by the same tech corporation that bought Github a few years ago. This is the same tech corporation that was conveniently omitted from the US anti-monopoly talks last week. The same tech company that services almost all Western PCs via their OS. The same tech company that lost its long standing humanitarian founder last year.

Tik Tok is not an unusual technology.

It is a content management platform, similar to Youtube, which has been around a relatively long time.

Yet its adoption was on a trajectory to rapidly outpace youtube.

Could that have had anything to do with the fact that youtube had become increasingly authoritarian with censoring and cancellation practices?


Youtubers were feeling less and less secure, realising their video blogs could be removed any time by infringement of an ever increasing list of possible accusations.

I know I was.

What Tik Tok’s meteoric rise actually indicated is more confidence in the platform, to reliably deliver our messages, with much less need to worry about what we might say.

Will Gen Z stay with Tik Tok, after it goes over to Microsoft, and inevitably falls victim to Western corporate cancellation Culture?

We’ll see.

The rise of Tik Tok appears to have been a kind of democracy at work.

The users voted for Chinese social media, over US social media.

By buying it, the US will remove that appeal.

What the move to buy Tik Tok actually actually is, is an attempt by the corporate entity of the US establishment, to buy back a share of its popularity.

This is not unlike the shares buy-backs exercised by large companies like Apple, to try to maintain their market popularity.

An exercise in futility, longer term.

let’s see what effect that has on the popularity of Tik Tok.


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