Why there is no such thing as “Money wasted”

There might have been before, but not any longer.

“Where’s my money?”

That phrase has hit headlines a lot lately, with various arguments from the old establishment why it is wrong, if the money seemingly has to come from nowhere.

But, in the last ten years or so alone, a phenomenon of real, scientifically provable free money, is being donated to Earth from an extraterrestrial source, money-as-sunlight, which is even more valuable than any of the old money-as-debt.

And it is being wound into the world economy.

Economists have yet to adjust their sums to account for it, but it is absolutely there.

You see, energy is money, is matter, all are exchangeable for one another.

And Bitcoin demonstrates how to make money-as-sunlight.

Its expansion into solar power has been almost entirely driven by profit.

Logically, every bitcoin token exchanged for money-as-debt punches another hole in what was previously a zero-sum box.

So now there is literally wealth from the sun being poured into our economy.

Now, there is no excuse to say money is finite, it no longer comes only out of a zero-sum box.

Now money is coming to represent a capacity of energy flow.

With that realised, we start to see that the capital value of a token of money-as-sunlight is not the important part, as that tends to zero relative to the energy part which is time dependent, measured in Joules per second, it tends to infinity with time.

As time goes on, we find more and more time to think about things like this, but for now, I have to return to other things.

Please do comment, and/or pass on, discuss with others, with or without attribution, which matters nothing compared with the information, I would say.


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