Why I Might be Starting to Diverge from Max Keiser

Opinion — Redefining old school, and new school thinking.

Frederick Bott
4 min readJul 23, 2020


OK, so firstly a confession; I’ve been a huge fan of Max Keiser for many years, finding his shows on RT, with seemingly outrageous satirical anti-establisment views of the corruption ridden, profit driven Bank establishment since the big crash of 2008 hilarious, a refreshing change from what we see in our mainstream media, and mostly true.

Max is absolutely a clever cookie.

He is also one of the biggest Bitcoin fans I know, which is another subject close to my heart, though my interest is not from an investors point of view, unlike his, mine is purely as a technologist, keen to see where the technology of Bitcoin will lead us.

Today, whilst watching his program, ending with discussion with Charlie Boyle, who looked understandably genuinely confused by current events, I have to acknowledge my own point of view has moved on.

Max, in many ways, appears incredibly similar to the investors in the conventional system he is so critical of.

The system I mean is all things driven by profit, driven by an incredibly limiting mindset that seems to stunt the growth of even the largest of intellects.

Most of the investors in Bitcoin appear to have done so in search of profit.

They seem driven by the very thing they believe they are rebelling against.

Max seems to be no exception.

We can all see something new is happening in the markets.

We see bankrupt company stocks and shares continuing to be traded, creating a new phenomenon of “Zombie companies”.

Max, probably correctly, identifies the Robinhood app, which enables ordinary “Inexperienced” folk access to the markets, as probably the main source of this seemingly nonsensical trading volume.

He goes on to say the market is full of “bubbles”, and that there will be many losers when the bubbles finally pop.

But what does traditional trading experience mean?

It means learning to trade at profit.

Just like we all had to learn the ideas of profit, by hard experience, throughout our younger years.

If we didn’t learn it, not understanding how to “Manage” our personal money in some way as to amass wealth, we are deemed “Losers”.

However, there is one very important factor, acknowledged a few days ago even by Max, but now seemingly forgotten; the appearance of market strangeness happened at around the same time as stimulus funds and furlough schemes were handed out by the governments and Banks around the world, most obviously in US, who at one point were issuing several Trillion dollars every month.

In other words, it coincided with the widespread issuance of free money.

And that money absolutely was free, since no downward trend occurred, to the market values of any of the currencies it was issued in, because we all did it together, all remained more or less on par with one another, in comparable value.

In fact the dollar actually gained in value, despite it being the biggest free money issuer.

So, we should conclude the new market investors were investing with free money.

They probably wouldn’t be investing otherwise. Lets face it, most of us have been too worried about how to keep putting food on our tables, and a roof over our heads, to even think about investing.

Now, if they were using free money, how can they ever be defined as “Losers”?

Whether or not they make returns on their investments becomes a detail, if their money is free.

So, why invest?

Because they can.

By investing, they are getting the opportunity to show their appreciation of the things they believe are important in the world, like reliable, reusable cars for hire, like we’ve known for so long with companies like Hertz, before it was bankrupted.

The people are voting with their free money, in a way that they have not been able to do for a very long time in our traditional “Democracies”, which offer us only two or three flavours of dystopia.

Free money, and the markets, might just be the new democracy.

Maybe it is no longer about profit Max!

There could be no losers, no winners, and no bubbles any more, just folk learning to exercise a new kind of democracy, enabled by free money.


Update: Watched Max and Stacy again today 28 July 2020, Max still defining the most “Successful” as those most capable of accumulating wealth. It is becoming more and more apparent that his sole motivation for running the program is to maximise his own wealth, which appears to be invested in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s real value to me is that it showed us the power of electronic distributed ledger tokens.

A folly, is in considering the value in Bitcoin as its ability to store value.

As I’ve explored in my featured story, Bitcoin, and all other fixed stores of value are not the real sources of wealth. That actually comes from us, the hive, who define what value is, and will soon realise our full power via free money, and the markets, equipped with the worldwide web.

A suggestion to Max, and Stacy, in case they happen to come across this story; If you want to get maximum value out of the money you hold now, you should take the opportunity immediately, and invest it in a project working on a new project of a crypto-based free money generator.

That way, you will still be at the forefront of technology for the foreseeable future.

There is no longer any future in investing large amounts of capital in fixed or static quantity resources, including even gold.

The future of mony is free.

I will probably watch the next few episodes of your series to see if you finally “twig”, but am finding myself repelled more and more, every time you refer to stored wealth as something successful.

I would define that as exactly the opposite, a failure, if it enables folk to “Possess” wealth.

Wealth should be a rich environment, rather than something we can possess, at the expense of a rich environment.