Why I Changed My Mind about Leaving Medium

As said in my previous article, I perceived a rise of a particular type of hostility.

That was on top of a continued persistent lack of circulation of my posts.

It should have been no surprise to me, in light of the coronavirus crisis.

People are panicking. Especially those in power, and those who benefitted from the status quo.

When all along a few of us were pointing out the flaws of the system, and proposing ways to change it, defenders of the status quo stood unreasonably firm.

Now, faced with the reality that the status quo is no longer, and with no arguments left, the tactics are changing.

Now, we see nonsensical yet incredibly damaging attacks coming from characters that seem to have come from nowhere, on seemingly trivial subjects that we might get involved in, for a break from the frontline, a bit of light relief.

That is a distinct change of tactic. An escalation of campaign, from one of discrediting our arguments, to of one discrediting our character, and one that is very difficult to prove, one way or another.

In any case it would be a waste of time, a distraction from the main issues.

Most of all, having thought about it some more, and with some much appreciated feedback from friends in Medium, this, of all times, when our collective input is most valuable, is not the time for me to give up contributing.

So instead, I will change tactic and concentrate on the main issues. No more small talk, offering up my character for target practice on seemingly unrelated side issues.

Besides, you’re gonna love my next article.


Special thanks to those friends who helped change my mind

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