Why I am giving up on Medium for now.

Anyone following my writings in Medium, will have watched me go through many stages of development, from having an initial ambition in starting a new profit making business, making commercial UAVs, and pushing forward the boundaries of technology in that area, to starting my PhD, designed to overcome technical hurdles that I saw preventing both virtual worlds, and UAV technology moving forward, to realising the same barriers were in fact a hurdle facing human development, no less, and starting the VRENAR project in response, to seeing how that fits in with the environmental and societal problems faced by humanity, to now, when we face the catastrophe sparked by the virus COVID-19, and the difference it might have made to all things if something like VRENAR had been implemented.

All the while, I’ve worked more or less throughout, contracting my services as a Systems Engineer, Chartered, whilst developing a personal interest in Salsa, and consequently, Cuba, finally coming up against the hostility of our Western ways, against those of places like Cuba, losing all of my Business and liveliehood in the process.

It has been a journey, which whilst losing most of my former capability to make money, I have gained a personally satisfying, open eyed view of the world. My role to play in it has changed, immensely.

Now with more than 1100 postings in Medium, which stands almost like a journal to date, I’ve rarely achieved more than 5 viewings of any article, some of which were truly painful things to produce.

So I have to accept my message is not getting out, for whatever reason.

In addition, I am sensing that in the past few weeks, the platform appears to be becoming hostile, in a way which causes me to have to spend more time carefully choosing my words, so as to avoid such hostility. Fear is not a good driver for creativity.

So it is time for me to move on to other outlets for that, as any creative must do, to stay sane, in the absence of an effective vehicle for their creativity, such as VRENAR, or something like it will be.

To my genuine followers; don’t think that this is me retreating from you. It is actually me seeking a better way of connecting with you.

Speak to you again soon.


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