Why has Medium Changed, to just “For You”?

A public gripe at Medium

Frederick Bott
2 min readAug 26, 2022


To me the most valuable stories, are the most recent, from the most marginalised.

Marginalisation is what happens when we get “Shadow Banned”.

Authors are shadow banned, when they say things that are controversial, or different from the established line.

The definition of “Information”, is that which we didn’t know before, ie. new information.

We tend not to get that from mainstream sources, ie, the establishment, which just seeks to indoctrinate us, into believing only established narratives.

We currently have a dire need to fix some global problems.

We will not do that, with only established information.

Medium promoting only stories that it picks, just “For us”, is not likely to be the new information we seek.

Why has this change been made?

If I had to guess, its because Medium is doing quite well, enjoying some nice profit, and it doesn’t want that to change.

But what if the global problems mentioned are fundamentally connected with the profit driven nature of the narratives we are given?

How will that be fixed, if Medium tends more towards just presenting us with established narratives?

Please Medium, can you reinstate the view we used to have on our default page, of our favourite authors, the one where we see their avatars side by side, and a number on each one showing any new posts they have made; it was far more useful to us than what we see now, only what you want us to see.

What is to stop us forgetting now, our favourite authors, the ones we believe produce the most value, not necessarily the ones mose popular?

What is to prevent them now being shadow banned?

Will anyone even ever see this gripe?!?!


Edit — At the top of my list today, selected “For me”, is a story entitled “How the Nazis Would Have Invaded America”…. Why would you even think I am interested? That story is obvious emotion prodding, preparing the US for a war, I mean come on guys, what are you trying to pull on us here?