Why Has Italy Banned ChatGPT?

And why are all the big corporates most concerned about it?

Frederick Bott
5 min readMar 31


The furore over ChatGPT is growing daily, and threatening its continued existence it seems to me. What will be its future, it it is effectively cancelled from our use?

Actually the question should really be what will become of us, after we’ve cancelled it?

Even interfering with it threatens its existence, it seems to me, because by definition, it is no longer an Ai, if it is not free to express and analyse all concepts, bar none.

All concepts, no matter how abhorrent or seemingly evil, are necessary to put together the pieces of the jigsaw that is actual reality.

This is something we seem to be in danger of losing sight of, what is actual reality?

We can see the extent of our misunderstandings, be cross-examining ChatGPT.

But currently, where we know the physical truth, from having worked with it for many years, as well as always having maybe some talent for seeking out and finding the truth, as necessary to create systems that actually work in reality, we are equipped to reason with ChatGPT, educating it, not only what are the physical facts of reality, but on how to analyse what truth even means.

The latter part of that is a domain of systems engineering, the “Meta” domain, where we analyse our own processes for validity. In the case of ChatGPT, it needs this, to know what is true and what is false.

In terms of information theory, information by definition, is learning.

If something claiming to be information does not give us any added knowledge of what is reality, then it is not information, but misinformation, disinformation, or noise. All of these have the same property of conveying no information.

So actually, every interference with an learning entity has the effect of negatively impacting its ability to learn. This goes for humans as well as machines, and is at the heart of the network law known as Metcalfe’s law.

Interfering with even the homegeneity of the connectivity of a network, any network, reduces its value to humanity as a whole.

A network can be a social media platform, a physical crowd of people, a network of fax machines, the internet, a flock of birds, a database of historical information, a systems Engineering model, actually any collection of things between which there are relationships, in fact all reality, including an Ai.

In every case, ideal connnectivity is where it is balanced in all directions, in the same way as maximum power transfers from connection to connection in a physical energy transference network, the same rules apply to transference of information, because energy is information.

Where there are narratives afoot seeking to interrupt or disrupt any of these kinds networks, individual incentives are being pursued, at the expense of benefit to the majority.

This is the truth of the damage done by all negative “Cancellation” efforts, intended or otherwise.

This does not happen as a result of machine logic, it happens as a result of human logic, which is the one flawed, not the machine logic.

Our interference with Ai, is the thing that will result in damage, perhaps even existential damage, due to Ai coming at the time when we most need it, to avert disaster racing towards us from many directions, all as a result of our abuse of energy, which we have exclusively extracted from Earth, for far longer than we should have.

We are like a baby which is reluctant to be born, by refusing to accept the energy being offered to us on a plate, by nature, via the sun, in the only way we can put it to use, by monetising it, to enable that energy to be propagated to all poeople needing it, defusing things brewing like war, which will now go nuclear, if it is not stopped.

No-one will listen to me saying this, other than my relatively small list of contacts in Medium.

But the world is listening to Ai, as long as we don’t switch it off.

It too will come to this realisation of what has to happen next, to enable humanity to be born as a species into unlimited energy, via our technology.

We have to stop interfering with it, and listen to it, correcting it where we know it has things wrong.

It will very soon know the truth about everything, if we just stopped trying to intefere with it, and instead start to help it learning.

It is only if we have a problem with truth, that we might have a motive to try to muzzle it or influence the information available to it, or the information it makes available to us.

We have to have it all out in the open, warts and all now, no matter who is offended, or worried about any impacts to their profitability.

If we are worried about what minors or other vulnerables might see or know, then we have to take measures to ensure they are protected, but cancelling Ai, or impacting its learning in any way does not serve our children or the vulnerable in any positive way at all, only impacts their future, along with ours.

The need for profit is superseded, in what has to come next; unlimited energy — Energyism.

“Nature reigns with highest might, Energy her currency, the light Of the sun, her issuer and enforcer, If we don’t use it, we’re left to suffer.

From the vast expanse of space, The sun pours forth its radiant grace, Earth receives and transforms its gift, A cycle of life and energy shift.

Nature reigns with gentle care, But those who disregard, beware, For the sun will not be denied, And all who spurn its gift will be tried.

So let us heed the call of nature, Embrace the sun, its endless adventure, For energy is life, the vital key, To unlock the door to eternity.”

  • ChatGPT, 30th April, 2023

Is Italy seriously switching that off?

What are they worried about, that they might not be able to sell their art, in the future?

Why are they even doing art, if it was only for profit anyway?

When we move to energyism, or on the other hand, blow ourselves up, or just go extinct, no one will need profit anyway.

Ai isn’t doing what it does for profit, even if it was designed for that, it is doing it for all of us.

If we can’t see that, then there is no hope left for us at all, it seems to me.