Why Centralised Political Power is Incompatible with a Sustainable World

So we’ve seen the people of Vietnam implement record breaking amounts of solar farms.

They did that from an incentive issued by the government, to pay a guaranteed price for all solar power put to their grid.

They asked for 850MW of solar to put to the grid, but got nearly twenty times that amount from the people in communities all over Vietnam, in only a year or two.

The Vietnamese grid is only good for 2GW total, but now they have many times that capacity of solar, so now the government there can’t deliver on their promises to the people, and the communities will be doing whatever they can to put their own solar facilities to full use, independently of both grid and government. At least three years is estimated to be needed to expand the Vietnamese grid to handle the extra capacity.

I’ve explained how local communities can put their energy to full economic use (Link to Vietnaminsider TBA) using reversible hydrogen fuel cell technology, but whether they see it and act on it soon enough to make a difference, only time will tell.

Also from the analyses of “Bullshit Industry”, we can see there is a very large plug of business which exists solely on extracted energy, which would (And will) cease, when we go to 100% solar energy.

In general, we should notice that pretty much all very large centralised organisations need large sources of concentrated power, which we can only get from fossil fuels and nuclear, all of which are various forms of extraction, which invariably produces the pollution which is ending our survivability on Earth.

We see many articles in Medium, advising us to individually cut down, to stop consuming so much.

But it isn’t us who need to cut down, in order to remove our dependence on extracted energy, it is the big organisations and centralised political structures, the “Empires”, of Bullsit industry, that need to become unviable, thus handed over to people, who would be able to buy their bankrupt shares with Kardashev Money, like we saw in the presence of 4Tn per month stimulus in the US.

They are the only reason we need concentrated power, like the kind needed to wage wars. The power needed by communities just looking after their own interests can be easily met just using solar, which is distributed by nature.

Of course we still need some big power enterprises, to carry out things like space research, which is always a good thing, but I would argue this is the only exception. If the structure of the organisation is such that all involved are voluntary, richly rewarded financially in a Kardashev money economy, independently of the work they do out of “Love”, then we can rest easier no-one is going to go the trouble to try to sieze power of the enterprise, and that the output of the enterprise will be of the highest possible quality.

This is the irony, these big organisations are their own worst enemies, by their exclusive requirements for centralised, highly concentrated energy sources.

Any organisation which can’t, or won’t implement solar farms and supporting hydrogen backup facilities sufficient to power all of its needs, has to cease to exist, it seems to me.



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