Why Black is the new Future

And that is something really cool — opinion

Frederick Bott


Let’s admit it, white folks; when it comes to music, black rules the roost.

It all came from those roots, really.

When we watch the incredible Al-Jazeera documentary, “Presenting Princess Shaw”, we can’t help feeling huge happiness on her behalf.

But much more than that, we realise that what we are seeing is not only the birth of another star, but the birth of a new civilisation.

A civilisation that is finally learning to genuinely reward, for genuine creativity.

We can’t fail to notice that the system which enabled the Princess to be propelled to the lofty heights of fame, is open to anyone, and has come onto its own in the time of covid, when live performances have become a very rare thing.

Now, anyone can share their creative performing talent on the world wide web, for all to appreciate, and reward.

Now, things are moving towards enabling much more of that mode of human empowerment, in a way which is unstoppable.

When it comes to musical performing talent, there is obviously a lot more of it in our sisters and brothers of colour, than there is in us white folks.

So the future is black.

And it is beautiful.