Who really benefits from free money?

Thoughts of today

We hear incessantly from economists, scientists, politicians, investors, bankers, and even Bitcoiners, how free money is the root of all evil, an unsustainable monster which will ruin us all.

Yes we know all about the Weimar, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, and many other examples where ultimately the people suffered from relentless issue of free money.

But in every one if those cases, they were, and mostly still are, embargoed.

Now it is the wielders of embargo ourselves, the enforcers of scarcity, facing the inevitable rise of freely issued money, and what we’ve called inflation.

But not many are noticing the value of our currencies are actually holding up.

In fact it is capital which is losing value.

There are fewer and fewer safe things to invest in, even gold is languishing.

The only thing going up, really going up, is Bitcoin.

The reasons for that are physical, driven by the force of nature, as outlined in the Bitcoin Kardashev Hinge Medium article.

The power of the sun is propping up the world economy, for the first time in known history, we are finally connecting to it.

That changes everything with the effect that free money, ever increasing amounts of it, can and must be issued, continuously, forever.

Money is coming to align with the energy of the sun, the only real source of live energy, instead of with capital, as it always was before.

So who really benefits from free money, those who already have it (the rich) or those still to get the benefits of it (the poor)?

The Poor Benefit from Free Money

Trying to tell us otherwise is the most outrageous gaslighting ever, in my opinion.

Knowing all of this, what right does anyone with the authority to print free money have, to deny it from anyone else?

Why are we still demanding taxes?

Why are we cutting off humanitarian funds from all kinds of places needing those?

Why are our neighbors, facing the same questions, trying to impose sanctions on us?

Why is anyone still wielding sanctions, demanding tax, and witholding what they can freely print, from anyone else?



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