While I agree with the spirit of this story, to highlight and maybe do something positive about the unfair inequality between developing and developed nations energy consumption and wealth, I do not agree cutting back anyone’s or anything’s consumption is the answer.

Humanity is an energy hungry species. We need to consume lots of it to evolve into the advanced civilisation we naturally aspire to, including gaming, bitcoin, manufacturing, travelling, whatever, to our hearts content.

Effort devoted to cutting back consumption, with no other fundamental change only prolongs the inevitable; we continue to exhaust finite resources whilst polluting the planet, just at maybe a slightly slower rate. The end conclusion remains the same; extinction of our species, and probably most others. We can’t get around that by cutting down consumption alone.

Thoughts and efforts towards consumption moderation just serve to distract us from the only real solution; to convert all of our energy consumption to solar power.


The sun is the single source of power for all of the energy in the universe that matters to us.

Until we start using it effectively, we are on a hiding to nothing, with the nothing coming pretty soon.

The only way round, is to completely overturn our zero-sum economy, the driver that keeps us locked into the mindset of trading scarcity.

Will the bitcoiners, and all the others who have spent their lives scarcifying, and are still busy scarcifying wealth to date, ever buy into this?

That is the question I think that really needs to be asked.


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