When you touched on energy here, and how it is connected with profit, I think is the thing that needs to be further researched.

For me it seems obvious humanity lives a parasitic existence as long as we live off energy extracted from our planet, with all of the negative effects we are seeing.

Bitcoin seems to be showing us the way to change that.

As Stephen Yearwood rightly points out, just another asset class for fat cats to invest in solves nothing.

But a method of converting work done by the free energy of the sun directly into cash… that is something new, and pretty incredible, with the inevitable outcome one way or another, of completely eliminating all scarcity, and thus any possibility of continuing the profit driven system.

We might finally be moving from Kardashev stage zero, to stage one, with the incredible outcome that humanity is no longer driven by profit, but towards infinite utilisation of the energy of the sun, removing our energy burden from our planet, which for sure solves everything.

That Bitcoin is now almost completely solar powered is beyond doubt, and no-one can question the value of sunlight. It is backed by more authority than any bank.

But how exactly we will get from Bitcoin as it is used now, as an expanding stash of solar fuelled conventially hoarded wealth, in anticipation of profit, to endless money-as-sunlight for all people is the thing that could do with clarification.

The banks could, tomorrow, recognise what is happening, and help things along, by assigning all debt to its true creditor, our planet, as an energy deficit, representing all of the energy we’ve taken from it in our history, then issuing further massive stimulus to all people, on the understanding it can only ever be paid back down by massive implementation of solar energy, which would turn around the debt in less than a human lifetime, in my estimation, as that would drive implementation of solar as the primary goal of humanity.

Maybe. But maybe also pigs will fly, and we’ll just have to wait to see what happens when the last Bitcoin is minted, and several countries-worth of infinitely scaleable, free solar power instantly becomes available to the world.

As the value of Bitcoin goes up, so also does the scaling of solar power, to meet the additional demand for more Bitcoins.

Personally I find that very beautiful, like seeing the first shoots of an exotic flowering plant we always knew existed, but never managed to seed and grow, until now.


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