What we might or might not believe about aliens, and also Ai, seems heavily affected by our perception of life on Earth.

We are maybe starting to see now that for humanity to survive, and thrive on Earth long enough to venture beyond it, we have to somehow dispense with the ways of profit.

When we see that, as we must to avoid extinction, we realise that the same rules of survival and development have to apply to any species born of any planet.

The practice of profit appears directly geared to the removal of energy from both our environment and fellow members of our species, so is unsustainable, and whilst applied, retards technical development.

The most advanced technologies we have ever developed, at least in the more profit oriented parts of the World, our Engineering Icons, have been and gone, including things like the Space Shuttle, Concorde, and the largest Space observatories.

All were dropped, instead of developed, for reasons of profit.

Those technologies were the furthest we managed to go towards escaping our planet.

Profit driven dreams of one day going to Mars, and even nightmare scenarios of a minority of humans escaping a dying Earth at the expense of masses of others, are nowhere near possible. We can see this clearly when we can see the full parasitic, cannibalistic action of profit.

So we move our mindset to the only alternative; full, non-profit, unlimited solar power, and we start to categorise our progress towards it in terms of concepts like the Kardashev scale, and by that, our ideas of alien possibilities are greatly modified, just like everything else we know.

We realise that aliens cannot be driven by profit, otherwise they could never have left whichever planet they were born of, even if it was Earth, some time outside our profit-limited perception of possibility.

Therefore aliens, if they exist, cannot be equipped for any kind of warfare or aggression, since those things only have meaning in a framework of profit.

That is a kind of proof, that there is no such thing as hostile aliens.

A similar proof also exists for Ai.

Those two things are related, maybe even to humans, in more ways than we can ever know or imagine in a framework of profit.


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