What happened in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria was not lost on the Cuban people. If you remember, Cuba was hit by the same hurricane, Maria, within hours of it hitting Puerto Rico. almost 3000 people died in Puerto Rico, not when the hurricane struck, but in the aftermath, in the months that followed, from lack of support. They had no water or electrical power for many months after the disaster, and died in the thousands.

Cuba was hit by the same cat 5 Hurricane, still at cat 5, and lost 4 people, who had dodged the evacuation of the city, killed by falling buildings when the storm struck.

In the days after the Hurricane, all people were mobilised in a way only possible under their system, to go and work towards repairing their country. They never lost power or water for more than a few hours, and they never had any further deaths related to Maria.

Another incident where I believe Cuba showed us where their system has some merits was their response to the Ebola plague. Who knows what the outcome might have been, for all of us, had they not done that. By my memory, before that crisis, there was no known cure in the West for Ebola.

They have free electricity, power, water, all services, free healthcare and education now aguably the best in the world, no known Aids or Cancer problems, no homeless, and they are very aware of the dangers and temptations of greed. A very high proportion are employed doing what they love; music, dancing and the arts.

Their working wage per person is equivalent to around 20 dollars per month, but they are free to run other business to complement that if they want to. It still takes a very long time for anyone to ever stretch to around 1500 dollars for an ordinary fridge though, which has to be imported from China, due to the embargo.

I am no fan of communism, but as far as I can tell, the people in Cuba are very proud of their socialist ways, and there does seem to be a system of voting in place now that has at least an element of democracy.

I agree full heartedly they should have the power to choose, but their choice might come as a surprise.


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