What a cool way to show the scale of the issue, thanks for posting. I hope the book does well.

I’ve tried to show in my own stories and comments to date, well over 2000 of them now, the part that profit plays in the issue.

Think of something bad happening, absolutely anything bad, and it traces to our addiction to profit.

The problem of plastic pollution mass is no different.

But it might help, if instead of blaming ourselves as wholly responsible, perhaps we should start blaming our addiction.

For example, if our economy was solar powered infinite donation, as I’ve described is possible, many times, and which we even saw demonstrated, briefly, when the equivalent of 10,000 dollars of financial stimulus was issued per person in the US, in one month, oil prices went negative, whilst the dollar value went up, and the environment made an incredible leap of recovery, amongst other surprising things. If that was sustained, month after month, we would no longer create plastics, we would instead use truly recyclable materials, like glass, and metals, which we know are far more sustainable.

The sole motivator for plastics is economy, our addiction to profit.

Trillions of sensors, and billions of eyes, connected to billions of human brains, connected to one another, can clearly see the problem, and have the power to change things.

There is a far better way of doing humanity.

After we realise this, we quickly realise it is the only sustainable way of doing humanity, the only possible survivable future.

When will we realise it, in a way which makes it happen?


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