Well done, on tackling a potentially very prickly subject in an investor's forum, thanks for posting.

I've already trashed my own reputation in the old profit driven system, so I have no qualms about saying the following:

There is no getting round the fact that investment is a key component of capitalism, investment is all about making profit, profit is all about shafting our fellow humans, and until very recently, we've all had no choice but to do that for an existence.

Anyone who thinks it isn't like that just needs to look closely at anything they buy and consume, from a pint of milk, to a luxury yacht, all are brought to us at a cost of human and planetary life, (Historical at the very least), which is never accounted for.

The probably inevitable next phase of humanity truly frees up all people to do whatever they are best at, rewarding accordingly. It does away completely with the ideas of profit, capitalism, and inverts the zero-sum economy from one of controlled scarcity, to one of directed abundance.

Folk might think that is a long way off, but we already saw a taste of it with the massive stimulii seen in the earlier phases of covid.

Oil prices went negative, shares in bankrupt companies with much loved products soared, for the first time in history. Laws were changed to allow that, and investors like Warren Buffet fled for the hills. At the same time, we saw a brief flash of recovery in the environment.

What was happening, just for that short time, was a first time ever phenomenon of people donating in the markets, rather than investing. They were first time ever traders, empowered by free money, donated to them. They had no wish or expectation to profit, as their money was given to them for free. So they put it towards the things they see as valuable, in their world, the same world as ours.

It might seem like that could not continue indefinitely, but the truth is it absolutely can, there is perfect justification for it, and perfect mechanism to do it, and the opportunity is now.

In short, only one source of wealth exists off of our planet, it is the sun, its wealth is donated for all time, it directly converts to energy, currency, information, and matter.

We can commute all human debt to being to our planet, for the energy taken from it in our history, to be repaid by the only possible source, solar, in trust that we will go at least 100% solar in future, then turn on the money taps, and leave them on.

That done, the requirement on humans to profit is removed. All else falls quickly into place.

If you see the sense and inevitability of this, please do put it forth and talk about it as much as possible, it can't be left mute a minute longer than is necessary.

Attribution is also completely redundant; who cares who is singing it, as long as it is being sung.


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