Well done, for demonstrating the influence of Rand applies to many, regardless of political allegiance, in fact whether or not one agrees with Rand is above political, it is basic human morality, which is being exposed as lacking, regardless of political leanings. The problem is that without physical proof one way or the other, each side believes they have the moral argument.

But now there is real physical evidence that destroys the idea that scarcity is something real, something that must be enforced.

It no longer applies, which invalidates all of the preachings of Rand, as well as a whole stack of other things, including the very ideas of how humans should interact with one another, and that is obviously upsetting a lot of people.

To me, the trouble seems to be that focusing on things like the capitol hill incident, and casting judgement or debating whether the people there were right or wrong seems to distract from the real problem.

Humanity, all of us, were necessarily driven by the need to practice scarcity enforcement, but now a physical mechanism removing the scarcity is in place, we need to learn how to use it, and that involves reversing all of the practices of scarcity enforcement, which goes against the morality doctrine of Rand, and the doctrines that many religions seem to have become, that they might have needed to survive in the presence of real scarcity.


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