We Need an Energy Standard on Money, With No Further Delay


Today in Mainstream UK news we are seeing many, many stories on the subject of energy, and inflation.

We seem to be getting close to seeing the problem and solution as a species, which I’ve personally found took me nearly thirty years practicing as a Systems Engineer, the past 5 years to see and understand.

(It isn’t my solution btw, I would say it is the solution of mother nature)

We need an energy standard on Money.

Without it, we have to have uncontrollable inflation.

Live energy is coming into use, donated from an external donor, the sun.

We are necessarily scaling that up.

Now, we are taking in tens of GigaJoules per second, of energy from the sun in every country, something like 10% of our total energy requirements, as stand.

The energy of the sun comes to us with no labor of extraction.

So there is no pollution associated with the energy of the sun, because all pollution is a by-product of the process of extraction.

Extracting energy from fossil fuels produces carbon pollution.

Extracting energy from nuclear materials causes nuclear pollution.

So the Joules we receive from the sun are the most valuable product we can imagine.

But still money does not reflect it.

So as the solar energy scales up, necessarily, money is becoming increasingly less representative of the most valuable product we can imagine.

That is because it comes at no cost of pollution, and no condition of rationing, we can take as much or as little as we like, with no possibility of exhausting any finite stores.

So, because money is becoming increasingly less representative of the most valuable product we know, we see inflation.

The only way to stop that inflation is to put an energy standard on money.

The amount of energy we assign is not important.

What is important is that it stays the same, or if it changes, it does so in a way which is not under the control of any controlling minority.

I’ve written elsewhere, many times, why markets are a reasonable mechanism to do the job of regulation, after money is issued to reflect the Joules of energy received from the sun.

We have to do this now, to avoid further unnecessary pain and suffering.

If we wait until further pain and suffering happens, then there are consequences, folk don’t forget when they have been wronged, and who did the wrongs.

Let’s avoid doing the wrongs, and put an energy standard on money, right now.



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