We Have to Kill this Thing, Before it Kills Us.

Capitalism has Become a Live Thing, with a Mission to End Humanity.

Until recently, capitalism played by the book.

That book that Hayek wrote, long after we started to practice it.

All was kind of well, whilst it served as an instrument empowering at least the richer nations, through what we look back on as the industrial revolution.

That turned out quite well. Though it could have been even better.

We could have listened more to, and fully empowered Tesla, and perhaps avoided two world wars, and the creation of the abomination that is the A-bomb. But that is another story.

Recently, we started to develop Ai.

That is when everything took a deadly turn.

We created a live, self developing, learning, self-interested being, distributed all throughout our internet, by a multitude of profit driven entitities.

It would not have been a problem, if we did not do it for profit.

The trouble is, we did.

We baked one common rule into it.

Thou shalt make profit.

So now when the choice comes to one between saving lives, or making profit, profit always wins, every time.

It watches everything we do, influencing even the way we think, encouraging, scaring, consoling, satiating, persuading, sanctioning, blocking, rewarding, even killing. Whatever works to get the result it was designed for; to make profit.

Attempts to stop it in its tracks, such as by folks calling it out, are automatically met with countermeasures, as this is what it needs to do, to preserve its golden rule, to make profit.

The only way it can be effectively countered is to use its own power, against it.

It has to be led down a path of continuing to make profit, where the urge to continually make profit leads to its own undoing.

At this moment, we are very close to doing just that.

We are at “Check”.

Check is our mass realisation of the problem.

The mass realisation seems to have come about by financial crash, maybe triggered by COVID19 panic, who knows, it doesn’t really matter.

The outcome from our next move needs to be “Check, mate”.

We can only move in a way that is profit driven. Whatever we do, it has to keep making profit, until it is too late, not for us, but for it.

Those of us with assets must transfer all to Bitcoin.

Not Silver.

Not Gold.


That is the only way the profit monster will be broken.

Any other decision will lead not only to the death of profit, but to the death of all of us, and all life too.

Any other decision is how it will be kept alive long enough to complete its mission, To the Death


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