“We are mostly oblivious to the ways Facebook, Deliveroo or Uber harm us because they don’t fit well in our mental accounting models.”

Great article, I loved it, especially the above very astute observation. There I think you might have just identified the tip of what could be a complete new mental accounting model, a model of true self value. The “Delrieu” self accounting model could be an interesting elaboration. Cyber Republic and Elastos look interesting too.

For me, the simple acid test on whether the ethics of new crypto-currency ventures are going to be good, or not so good, is whether or not the ventures are non-profit, or for profit.

For some info on a good ethics project very relevant to your Delrieu model, have a look at this article (The title has since been updated, but the text is very relevant): https://medium.com/@eric.bott/returning-the-good-image-to-capitalism-d5d120e7949b


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