Watch out for Emotional Posts

What we need to beware of – acting on instinct.

Ok so now we are seeing things kicking off, with protests spreading around the world.

The biggest mistake we could make now is to fall down the gaping crevice of blaming the wrong culprits, for the problems which have led to this.

That is what happens if we rise up like a frenzied mob.

Think carefully who stands to lose and who stands to gain, by each outcome.

Don’t forget to follow the money.

Frenzied media stands to gain from bloodshed; any bloodshed, it doesn’t matter who, but the more the merrier.

Let’s not let it win yet again, this time.

When we read an article that makes us, or should make us feel angry, or otherwise emotional, we have to question that emotion, or the lack of it.

We have to ask who stands to gain from our reaction; the real culprits, or not.

We have to follow all links and do our own independent research to draw our own conclusions of any evidence quoted, that made the authors so emotional, and who stands to gain from that emotion.

If we see none, then we have to discount the article as anything more than emotional ranting, probably written for profit.

Watch out for emotional posts.


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