Watch out for current events being spun into anti-China sentiment

The worst thing that could possibly happen in the world is a war with China, and yet, that seems to be what some folk would like.

Frederick Bott
5 min readOct 29, 2020


I don’t normally talk much about politics, except when I think an outcome might be a real threat to all people.

As outlined elsewhere, my role as an Engineer has often involved work on safety critical systems.

In those considerations, there is a basic rule:

If the outcome is unacceptable, don’t take the risk

The worst thing that could possibly happen in this world right now, is a war with China. The outcome is literally unthinkable.

And the US appears to be taking that risk, over, and over, and over again, with lately, us in the UK, in tow.

We are also in tow with the whack-a-mole covid strategy, but that is a whole other story.

Or is it?

Could we really be looking for some other major event, to perhaps distract everyone from the obvious problems at home, both in US, and UK?

Today we saw a news report on Al-Jazeera, a news media which is reasonably mainstream, in my opinion.

In it, was the story of one Mr Pompeo, currently on tour in Indonesia.

It showed a clip, which I believe is from this film, published earlier today:

In that film, we see Mr Pompeo being introduced as “An exceptionally special guest, a man who’s value exceeds his job title, and even exceeds his whole political achievement”.


Mr Pompeo gets around to talking about the Chinese Uigers.

The Al Jazeera commentator gives their opinion, based on what they know, presumably, of the affairs spoken about by Mr Pompeo.

And there is a danger we see repeated often.

Rather than just presenting the clip, letting the audience form their own opinion, commentators often paint their own on top.

But sometimes they are not aware that they don’t know all the facts, and that lack of knowledge results in them going on to put a false context on things, by stating their own ill-informed opinion.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, this was one of those.

The commentator states their opinion that Indonesia is a secular place, where many religions get on just fine with the main one practiced there, Islam.

I agree.

Then they go on to say that Indonesia could maybe do more to help the Uigers in their plight in China, that Indonesia has never really shown much interest in, until now.

Sorry, but wrong.

I remember this very same subject coming up in the news late in 2018.

Then, Indonesia sent a delegation of moslem clerics to China, on China’s invite, funded by China, to see for themselves how the Uigers were being treated in China, following world concern expressed at that time, via Indonesian diplomacy with China, which has existed a long time.

That doesn’t sound like a lack of concern to me.

A US story covering that event, and the outcome is here:

The outcome was that Indonesia had nothing much to say about the “Abuses” everyone feared might have been underway in China.

Of course the possibility of bribery then was bandied around in Western press, perhaps they were paid to just keep quiet about abuses they must have seen.

But, is it reasonable to project the obvious dishonesty of our own Western polititians, on Indonesian moslem clerics?

Of course not.

If they are saying nothing, it is because there is nothing to say.

They saw nothing worth saying anything about.

That doesn’t logically add up to abuses.

It more logically adds up to no abuses seen.

That silence has not exactly been buried by history, but rather, twisted, into being mistaken for a lack of concern, which can only happen if we are unaware of the events that took place in the past.

So here, I am making you aware, kind reader.

Now in some other stories, it happens we are again seeing friction spike around religion, especially in France. I don’t need to provide any links there, those horrendous events of people being publicly beheaded are news story number one right now I think.

Sharia law is in Europe.

But we know it shouldn’t be.

Just like the Chinese know it shouldn’t be in China either.

Who is dealing with that better?

Come to that, who dealt with Covid better?

Did you know China has had no Covid deaths since around April?

I am not saying I admire China’s political system, I hate dystopia, I really do.

But who really has the dystopia; us, or China?

When we start making these morbid observations, of apparently unrelated news stories adding up to something very bad, we might think of Turkey, and their obvious current push to make history in Aizerbaijan

We see Mr Erdoğan react angrily in the news, to Mr Macron insisting it is France’s right to insult whomever they feel like insulting.

It is in France’s nature, to insult, after all, right? They even call their waiters “Boy”, as a matter of culture. We all know this in the West, of course.

Why bother getting bent out of shape about it.

But then we see thousands of people in deeply moslem countries like Egypt marching in the streets, brutalising effigies of Mr Macron.

And then we see further atrocities committed in France, today.

And now the West, again accusing China of atrocities against moslems (The Uigers), in China, today.

It is all getting extremely complicated.

With complication there is risk.

It seems to be us, the West, making, and taking all of the unacceptable risks, upon ourselves.

But, it is easy not to see that. So very easy.

There is a simple answer to all of these problems. It involves changing the fundamental nature and function of money, from something that deprives and divides, to something that nourishes and unites.

All they need to do is keep giving it away, just like they did before.

Money printer goes brrrrr, and everybody goes prrrrr.

The balances can be chalked up against a commitment to solar energy.

The sun never stops emitting photons, for free.