The verdict came yesterday, with an email, the first ever official correspondence from IOTA.

The answer was no IOTA grant for VRENAR, no offer of discussion.

After around six months of championing the IOTA token, designing VRENAR around it, at the cost of my own financial security including my pension, working full time unfunded, for no reason other than IOTA appeared technically perfect for the purposes of VRENAR, and based on some serious academic research, VRENAR appeared perfect for IOTA.

As demonstrated, by the VRENAR open loop economic simulation, the end result of adding VRENAR to a token, is a token price in excess of 50,000 dollars within two years.

IOTA is still currently struggling to retain a value of thirty cents.

Who would gain most from this? Those holding tokens. How many are they willing to contribute towards that end?


Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. Anyone who has read and understood the VRENAR literature knows that.

So, onwards and upwards. We turn another corner, without IOTA.


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