Very well put.

Interesting the study pitted us against our planet.

Also interesting that deep down we all know there should be no scarcity, yet we enforce it in everything we do, at least in business.

Enforced scarcity is a fundamental requirement of the profit driven model, and is responsible for just about every bad thing we ever saw happening at the hands of humans.

A deal is all about who can enforce more scarcity against the other.

And yet the sun shines directly monetisable wealth on us every day.

Everything in nature receives a donation from the sun with nothing asked in return, including us.

But still we take what was given to the Earth for free by the sun, and convert it to forms we can scarcify and supply to one another at threat of witholding, if nothing is given in return.

The monetary value of what we call world debt, is in the same ball-park as the value of the total amount of energy we’ve removed from Earth, in our history.

It actually makes perfect sense to assign our debt as an IOU to our planet.

The banks could do that tomorrow, if somehow they could see this.

The only way of paying it back down is to start seriously monetising sunlight, and to subtract that from the IOU.

Then, massive stimulus can be issued to all people, knowing that putting as much of that as we can spare towards implementation of solar energy is the quickest way to reverse planetary damage, enriching both us and our planet.

From the point of issue of massive stimulus, the economy becomes directed-donation based, instead of for-profit / scarcity-enforcement.

We saw a glimpse of it when the equivalent of 10,000 dollars per person in the US was issued in one month, three trillion of stimulus.

Oil prices went negative, shares in technically bankrupt companies with still much desired products soared, and fixed asset values languished.

And the dollar value went up, not down.

Ordinary people, also empowered by new trading apps such as Robinhood (created by a well known extinction rebellion activist), flooded the markets with free money.

Traditional “Whale” investors exited the market crying foul.

The new traders, working with free money were not interested in profit.

They were donating, to the things they saw as valuable, worth saving.

That, is a new kind of democracy which I think we will be seeing much more of very soon.

After all, it is the only way out.


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