Very true, unfortunately, we seem to be seeing the fruit of it now in various places.

The effect of movies in intentionally shaping peoples thought is interesting, thanks for posting.

An exception I would point to is the Matrix series, I think those were intended to have a particular effect (by having the place that needed to be protected called “Zion”, for example), but probably had the opposite effect, by calling into question everything we know as “Reality”.

It has to be acknowledged also the way violence, and sex are portrayed in movies or not.

Why, when I already knew about violent death from movies for longer than I can remember, did I never hear what sex and the human procreation process was about, until a friend furtively whispered it in my ear, at about age five? This was not unusual, he’d just heard it too, and understandably, couldn’t wait to “Pass it on”.

Surely we have that the wrong way round. Sex, the creation process of human life, should surely be something we know more instinctively than how to violently end it.

I don’t believe it is the same for all cultures.

I think it is even worse when we look at the psychology of games, arguably an even more influential form of media, “Shooters” and other kinds of human mass-hunting seem like fair game.


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