Very refreshing and heart-warming to hear a kindred soul with balanced view on this issue at the heart of all the problems in our world today.

It seems such an unpopular stance, as we might get an impression from the relatively low number of claps we receive from these kinds of post ourselves, and the infrequence of similar posts we see from others in our feeds, compared with those posting what you and I would describe as extremist war-mongering diatribe.

I don’t doubt that you could come under fire from various quarters for this balanced view.

I know I already have.

In a way, our balanced view has now become the fringe! We, the sane, are now treated as the extremists! Isn’t that weird?

For me, there is one simple explanation for everything. The profit-seeking system we have implemented in society prefers who you and I would call extremists, because it makes more money from them.

Most people conform to the system, so they become those extremists.


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