Value is what we make it, our wishes and wants are what defines value. Combined on a network, our value does not just sum up by the number of us, n, it actually amplifies by a factor of n squared. This is shown in the now proven Metcalf’s law. Most of us in the world are now networked. Billions of people squared is a very large number, try doubling the number of zeros in a billion. In non-profit networks, like any of the crypto-currencies, the market value is truly reflected in the fiat buying price of the token, in the longer term. But not in a profit seeking network. We see in those, the financial value bears no such relation to the number of users. Yes, the prices of crypto tokens have been down for the last year of so. However, the number of users, of all of them continues to increase. Which means with no other changes, they will start to rise again very soon. The ones to watch out for are the ones which are truly non profit, and designed to have no limits of scaleability, like those built on DAG rather than blockchain. If we believe the maths, as I hope we all do, sooner or later, one or more of those will become so big, the total value will rise to something equivalent to, or maybe even greater than the conventional economy. Most people in this will be just be ordinary folks like you and I, who jumped on at some point by being given, or perhaps buying some tokens. As a collective, that very large group of people will be a free market with huge buying power, and they will demand things from profit seeking companies to provide for them, like the cities I just described, to harvest the energy that you correctly identify as so important, as well as all the other things they know the planet really needs.


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