Understanding Energy

Why this is crucial, right now.

Frederick Bott
6 min readMar 21, 2022


We have seen the effects of propaganda, in creating wars in the past.

War was usually the wrong outcome, most of us admit after the fact.

What it cost was a lot of lives, but when the war finished, so also did the loss of lives, or so we thought.

As well as the known legacy of various terrorist groups, which usually came from some war or another, there is something far more fundamental, which eventually will cost all of life, if nothing is done about it.

Every modern war is fossil fueled, as is the global financial (Fiat) economy.

Energy is matter, is money, is information. They are all interchangeable right?

I won’t bore with too much detail. The really important thing we absolutely have to be aware of, is that Earth is actually something like a giant battery, which is trickle charged by the energy of the sun.

The Joules of the sun landing constantly on Earth, do not somehow radiate away again, they have been used by nature to create everything we know; all of life.

The sun is the single source of all power in the solar system.

Here we have to forget the conventional profit driven argument that Earth was somehow created from cosmic dust, at the same time as, and independently of the sun.

It is really important we discard that profit driven fallacy, because it obscures the truth, that Earth, and all of the other planets orbiting around the sun, probably came from within it, most likely ejected during an active volcanic period in the history of the sun.

With that explanation, we see instantly how the Earth energy system analysis fits together, taking into account everything traceable, the history and future of the energy on Earth, and the reason all planets orbiting the sun rotate in the same direction, and in roughly the same plane.

The heat energy in the Earth’s core then, is clearly and very simply just heat which was inherited from the sun.

When we accept that, then we see clearly that the terminology of “Renewable Energy” is an instrument created purely to make profit. It isn’t about saving the planet, it is a whole new Bullshit Industry (Industry comprised of “Bullshit Jobs”, as famously defined by the late David Graeber), which actually perpetuates the harm being done by pretending to fix the problem.

Now the harm, we have to recognise, is that we are discharging the battery of Earth.

Everything we do, is discharging the battery of Earth, as long as we are not powered by the sun, like nature is.

The energy from the sun, which created the fossil fuel that we burn, for example, must be taken into account, when considering the viability of it in terms of the cost to the Earth.

But it isn’t, because it has nothing to do with profit.

But it has everything to do with survivability, and sustainability.

We might be complaining that the fuel we put in our cars right now is expensive, at five or ten dollars per gallon. But really, every gallon took millions of years of solar energy to create. Of course that is not included in the financial price we pay for the fuel, otherwise we would never be able to afford it.

And the truth is, we can’t.

Using it, without putting it back, means that right now there is an energy deficit to the planet.

And it doesn’t end there, just with fossil fuel. Everything we do, everything we create, every dollar created, has a cost in terms of the solar energy which went into the materials used, even the food we eat.

The real grand Ponzi is an energy Ponzi.

Our financial debt translates directly to the the energy deficit, since money as capital, is actually stored energy, used like a gearchain, to extract ever more.

It is extremely important we understand this. Because there is only one fix.

We must connect to the sun.

With that, we will repair the damage done.

Not seeing this, or not understanding it, will end all life on Earth, not in 1000 years, or 100 years, or even ten years, but right now, this year, maybe next.

We have to recognise this, as something like the actual biblical end times.

Being driven to war, is a manifestation of this energy scarcity.

It affects not only everything physical, but the way we think, because how our brains work, is much more heavily influenced by our environment than we realise. The presence of energy on Earth is reflected by life. Many species of life dying, is a manifestation of depleted energy. Viruses harmful to life are a kind of pollution, which again is a direct manifestation of having used the energy of Earth.

Energy depletion is loss of life, they are one and the same.

Now there are two ways things can go.

We can treat this accordingly, by heeding those biblical warnings, understanding that the real energy source is above, not the the false god of the energy that we think is under our feet.

What is under our feet, is fuel, not energy. Fuel created by nature, which when we use, always comes at a cost.

If we choose to continue ignoring it, then we are toast, literally.

The sun has already started to create heat-domes, which are literally burning the Earth.

As long as we keep taking more energy, waging more wars, and carrying out all the other bullshit industry, burning fossil fuels, even creating nuclear power stations, all of it is bullshit industry, if it is not solar powered, things will get worse, until all life is gone.

See a nuclear power station doesn’t look such a good deal, when we take into account all of the solar energy that went into creating the materials of it. Not to mention that the nuclear waste almost always ends up in weapons, which are yet another way to push us into extinction.

I hope this is clear enough, for folks not already familiar with how energy works.

It needs to be said to all governments, and all people, and we need to act on it, straightaway, no more messing around, fighting wars, wasting yet more precious energy that we absolutely have to use to create the required solar infrastructure, before it is too late.

The defence money we now need to spend, to save all humanity and all of life, is on the solar power infrastructure needed to stop using not only fossil fuels, but the energy of Earth.

That sounds difficult until we realise that immediately we can start issuing free funds backed by the Joules of energy in solar power to all people, to add value to the world, by using solar power to do all things, including scaling up the solar power.

The nature of it is that it will destroy the value in capital. That process is already beginning by money breaking away from any relationship with capital. We see that as inflation for now, but there will come a point where it will be acknowledged that it is simply moving to represent energy, as it must. That is why we are experiencing a resistance to it. Most people want to think they might be able to choose to be priveliged, if they are not already. Inflation removes those dreams.

Those priveliged will no longer have that privelige over others, because we will all be priveliged. What we will have instead, all people, is endless free money which actually has real sustainable value, because it is backed by actual physical product, solar energy, which is gifted to us, continuously, forever, as far as we are concerned.

Who wants to have special privelige over others, if it costs our lives, all of our lives, and all life on Earth?


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