Understandable perspective, thanks for posting.

Lamenting the end of the old broken system of controlled scarcity is something we might be prone to if we profited or prospered by it.

In other words, if we were “Winning” by it, rather than dying by it, as many others were, and still are, we don’t hear much from them as they can’t speak.

Young folk by definition, in general haven’t profited by it, so will not lament its loss.

The future is a solar powered world of plenty, in which everyone really does win.

That might seem far away, but it is already happening with the issue of free money.

We can, and must assign all human debt to where it is truly owed, to our planet, to which we are all in overdraught, by all of the energy taken out of it, and not put back.

It can only be repaid, and stay repaid, with solar energy, there is no other way.

We are entering a new, solar powered future of infinite capability.

As kids ourselves, we always knew something was wrong with the system of controlled scarcity, noticing people, all gifted and beautiful in their own ways, in other parts of the world, dying in multitudes from lack of wealth.

Now we are seeing how that can finally stop, and be replaced by a world in which only the stars might be the limit.

That surely is optimism, rather than pessimism!

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