Umair you would do well to read some responses to your stories now and then, even if you never will reply to any, it would cheer you up a bit, as there is some wisdom out there on how things don’t have to continue going down the pan, as I’ve tried to inform you more than once.

There comes a point when persistent refusal to see solutions which are literally staring us in the face have to be questioned.

Why do you never mention cryptocurrencies, or solar power?

Those things together are the timely technical solutions to all of the problems we are seeing, but the action needed can only be initiated by those with means.

As a reminder, a brief precis of the action suggested is this one:

What is needed are more influencers such as yourself to apply your analytical skills to that argument, try and rip it apart if you can, but when you find you can’t, acknowledge it, and start to propagate the good news to followers, who have the means, instead of continuously banging on about how bad things are, to the point of many losing hope.

Or do you prefer to continue propagating hopelessness?


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