Umair we’ve seen eye to eye on many things, but lately maybe we’ve been diverging.

You are an Econonomist, and I am an Engineer.

Maybe that could be why you haven’t ever returned comment on anything I’ve posted.

Just for once, maybe you would like to comment on something radical and counter-intuitive which might be happening in the world economy.

As you probably know, the US economy is now tied together with all other western economies in such a way that if it collapses, all of the western economies will go with it.

To see a collapse, all other countries need to see it relative to their own position.

But, what if we were to realise there is another form of economics, based on the flow of money, rather than the balances of it which sit in different accounts?

What we are seeing, when western country economies are diverging away as one from a constant relationship between asset values, and currency values, is not the end of the economy, but the beginning of a new one.

The new one can be analysed like an electrical system, whereas the old one, with no distinct current flows, could not.

This goes way beyond any political party, this is literally power to the people, the light is about to be switched on, with free money.

Can you see this, as an economist?

If you would like more detail, it is below. Please do comment, and share to others who might comment.


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